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Aditya Sarkar Profile


A Bit About Me

My career coincided with the boom in sustainable craft and product design, so I
gravitated towards teaching Design, Arts and Graphics to aspiring artist with my keen passion and enthusiasm. 
I've an experience of around a decade in the field of Education as a Facilitator. I taught at leading position in Higher Education Institutes of Design in New Delhi. AICTE and IIC are some of the organizations where I have been associated. I'm passionately working on designing digital platform which will help in upgradation and recognition of our local artists to make their presence noticeable. Even, I’ve participated in many conferences and Research programs for the upliftment of local craft oriented community.   
I am a certified UGC NET Lecturer with Master’s Degree in Fine arts, skilled in Photography, Multimedia Internet and expertise in Website Design with a good control over Graphic Design software. 
Cognizant of design and research, I engaged with many educational institutes and firms to Design Course outline for higher education design students, which not only supports sustainability but is also helpful for designers to enhance their entrepreneurship skill.
I strongly believe and practice Skill Oriented Education which benefits our community and environment. My vision is to offer the chance to initiate and anchor new process of teaching design with innovation, authenticity and sustainability which can set new precedents.

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